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Evet Design provides expert services to create customers spaces – from innovation, technical design, production and hand-crafting to assembly on site.

Design and Modeling

Our main goal is to innovate the concept that keeps your brand fresh and attractive.

  • we develop customers space that helps you to achieve your business targets
  • we focus on the profitability of customer spaces
  • our design guidelines in shop environments are functionality and commercial targets
  • our goal is to help our customers to increase the average purchase value, secure the desired customer rotation and generally ensure an easy purchase experience


Our main goal is to construct cost-effective and successful shop and customer space concepts of high quality.

  • we utilize our long experience, technical design capabilities and wide network of industrial manufacturing partners when implementing the planned design concepts
  • we can tailor all traditional materials and additionally create new innovative material concepts
  • we select the best alternatives for materials and structures considering usability and adaptability, enabling the desired outcome


  • we are committed in our everyday business to sustainability and common ethical principles
  • we select the materials fulfilling the requirements of sustainability
  • when disassembling the shop setup, the materials are sorted, and reused when possible
  • we do not use exotic wood materials


  • the quality of production should be flawless
  • the quality of installation should be flawless
  • we follow the agreed timetable responsibly
  • we provide full guarantee for our work and materials
  • we process the complaints quickly and flexibly


  • maintain the trend values, good shape and flexibility of the shop decoration
  • for the business the added value includes the lengthened life-cycle of the investment

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